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The job of the executive protection professional has become more important today than ever before. With the crime rate continuously climbing and malicious attacks on unsuspecting citizens and properties occurring every day, we as protection professionals must stand in the gap to ensure the safety of those entrusted in our care. We must ask ourselves are we truly prepared to take the appropriate actions when the time arises. Have we equipped ourselves with the necessary tools and knowledge to make us successful in our endeavors? Top level executives, celebrities, dignitaries and other leaders are searching for those that possess the knowledge, professionalism and the skills to work hand and hand in developing and performing their protection interest. Join us in learning and exploring the methodologies of executive protection, and enhance your career by being and working among the elite.

This 3 day training seminar is a comprehensive approach that will benefit the beginner as well as those currently working in executive protection services.  The focus of this seminar includes executive protection doctrine, planning, coordination, and motorcade operations that will allow the participants to effectively conduct or augment executive protection operations. This seminar consists of both classroom and practical exercises that allow all participants the opportunity to learn from one another and the highly experienced instructional staff, while interacting in realistic environments. Upon successfully passing a written examination at the conclusion of the seminar, all participants will receive certificates of completion indicating their exemplary knowledge of the executive protection professional.

Day 1

  • Introduction to executive protection
  • Professionalism of Executive Protection Specialist
  • Physical Fitness and Nutrition
  • Advance and Planning

Day 2

  • Motorcade Operation Overview
  • Practical Exercise (Field Maneuvers)

Day 3

  • Continuation of Practical Exercise (Field Maneuvers)
  • Practical Exercise Discussion
  • Testing
  • Certificate Presentation