LNG Protective Services is uniquely qualified to handle the heavy logistics and coordination required to secure a multi-city tour event. In fact, this level of detailed planning is the hallmark of our company.

The LNG team develops an initial security plan by meeting with the client and the tour producer. A part of those discussions focuses on the types of people and situations that have caused security threats in the past. Next, we conduct vulnerability threat assessments by doing site surveys that involve walking the tour venues or reviewing property blueprints. Our survey also identifies high-exposure points where guards will be positioned, predictable VIP movement patterns and emergency evacuation routes.

While developing security plans for each stop along the tour, we are also using logistics tools to create transportation routes. Our philosophy regarding transportation is that we want to move as efficiently as possible, while staying below an acceptable level of risk exposure. We have done security for tours that travel by motor vehicle, as well as by airplane. Each mode of transportation presents its own unique set of challenges that we’re well trained to handle.

After the client has approved the security plans for the tour venues and transportation, we assemble the LNG team members that will be part of the tour security detail. We focus on the execution details, like pass/credentials procedures and educating ourselves about recent criminal activity in each of the tour stops.

Just before the tour starts, we train members of the touring staff on basic security protocols and begin to execute the individual VIP protection plans.



  • Uniformed or plain clothed guards
  • Armed or unarmed (licensed and certified)
  • In advance planning, including:
    • Venue walks and site vulnerability assessment
    • Coordination with tour planners/producers
    • Transportation routes and logistics planning
    • Developing emergency evacuation routes
    • Training of touring staff
    • Pass/Credential procedures
    • Individual VIP protection plans
    • Tour venue security plans
    • Monitoring of relevant criminal activity near tour locations